How to choose hosting for an online portfolio / CV site?

It’s great that you are looking to set up your own portfolio / CV site. The best hosting option is shared plans because these are the cheapest and offer the lesser amount of technical deliberations and considerations to push through. Since yours is just a simple portfolio site, you won’t need any of those tech features anyway.

Benefits of shared plans for portfolio sites

First, if you get a managed plan, you’ll be able to outsource all the technical issues relating to upgrading and maintaining your software to your provider’s customer support team.

Second, it’s the cheapest option on the market, which is important for newbie bloggers out there who always operate with tight budgets.

Third, almost all such plans offer “unlimited” resource pools which means that you’ll never run out of disk space, bandwidth, memory and other goodies.

Plus, lots of providers enable a number of sub-levels. You’ll be able to upgrade through them smoothly, always sure that your site is fully protected against slow-downs, even in the case of those amazing unexpected hikes in traffic.