3 factors to consider when picking hosting for a big site

If you have already managed to foster a strong online presence, it can make sense to migrate to another hosting provider who offers better support and more flexibility. After you’ve picked a number of hosts you like, contact them directly and ask in-depth questions so that you can gauge their expertise and willingness to consult their customers like you.

What to ask about?

First, find out what kind of server machines the provider operates because since you’d probably end purchasing a VDS plan, the quality of equipment is key.

Second, make sure that the hosting provider offers a sufficient number of sublevels within the VDS segment so that you can upgrade seamlessly through them, gradually scaling the technical indicators.

Third, use special tools in order to check the actual values for tech indicators yourself, including bandwidth, memory, TTFB and others.

Avoid basing your decisions exclusively on the prices being offered as the cheapest providers might not be able to deliver the highest quality, security and scalability that your high-traffic project needs.