3 factors to consider when picking hosting for a blog

A blog is one of the simplest types of sites around, but it can be a potent tool that will help you grow the personal brand and find valuable connections within your industry. When you’re looking for a hosting plan that will be perfect for your blog, you can narrow down to shared packages since they offer a sufficient amount of resources, coupled with the lowest prices.

Pick a number of hosting providers you like and contact them directly via the live chat.

What questions to ask?

First, ask a couple of basic tech-related questions about the journey you’re endeavoring on, so that you can gauge the diligence and expertise the support team shows.

Second, review the list of shared plans and determine whether the provider has a sufficient number of sublevels tied to specific values in technical indicators. If it does, you’ll be able to move through a seamless upgrade process as your site grows and enjoys higher traffic flows.

Third, if you’ve already decided on a specific CMS you want to use (WordPress, Joomla or any other), you should learn whether the host offers a special plan and how much it costs.