3 factors to consider when picking hosting for a personal site

A personal website will help you grow your brand and find new customers online. As a rule, personal CV / portfolio sites don’t require much disk space or bandwidth. Thus, they can be successfully hosted via the shared hosting plans that are the cheapest and easiest option on the market.

What to think about when choosing a shared plan?

First, you should understand that though competing hosting providers may offer virtually the same conditions, they differ in terms of customer support they deliver. Talk to them in live chat and see how they work.

Second, if you’ve already picked the CMS you want to use, you need to make sure that the provider has a specialized hosting plan. This will take a lot of headache from your server-side operations.

Third, investigate the managed plans with the hosting provider since you’ll win most from using such packages. You need to know that the host will be willing to take on all the technical tasks, including updating, maintaining and fixing any bugs in the server-side software, enabling your personal site.